Lake Jeanette Realty and wholly owned subsidiary of Triad Omni Properties (TOP) . and specializes in Lake Jeanette community. We handle all home sales (Buyers and Sellers) in the area. We have sold more than 1500 homes in Lake Jeanette alone. Our philosophy is to create a long term relationships, provide value added services and execute on a strategy to sell or buy your home more efficiently than other real estate firms. Our techniques are being deemed as industry changing.

We invite the opportunity to meet with you and explain how we are different and how we are more effective and efficient in executing on your real estate needs.  It is also important to notes that Lake Jeanette Realty offers special fee structures to our residents.


Lake Jeanette - Natural Beauty, Modern Life


We've placed our homes in intimate villages, so whether you're a growing family or want a cozy cottage for just the two of you, you'll find a home at Lake Jeanette that suits your style. Welcoming picket fences, front porches for rocking, an abundance of flowers and loads of windows for taking in each magnificent view. Our homes are quiet retreats where residents savor peaceful walks along wooded paths, family picnics in grass-covered meadows, or just curling up in a hammock for a long, lazy nap.

But our team also recognized a need to protect the drainage paths that surround the lake, as well as the existing wetlands that many of our resident creatures call home.

So we've taken an extra effort, placing a fifty-foot wide buffer around the lake, and landscaping special ponds to help control runoff.

We've gone to great lengths to preserve and nurture existing foliage, and to create walking paths that enhance the harmonious communion between humans and the nature that surrounds them.


What are you looking for?

Let us help you find what you're looking for... anywhere in the Lake Jeanette area, so whether you're a growing family or want to downsize, we can help you find a style that suits your needs.



At Lake Jeanette,
you can't help
Getting back
to nature.

From the moment you set foot on our magnificent 750-acre lakefront community, you know you're in a special place.
A place where nature and mankind blend in perfect harmony. A place that's just far enough from the bustle of the city, but still close enough to afford all the conveniences of in-town living.